“Road Bike” conditioning wash, distributor and “Show Bike” Waterless Wash BUNDLED VALUE Pack


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Product Description

Motorbike.XXX – “Road Bike” Wash, Waterless Wash and distributor

“Road Bike” Extreme Conditioning Motorbike Wash   $24.95
  • Highly concentrated professional grade wash
  • Premium blend of polymer additive
  • Neutralises corrosion and provides residual protection
  • Rapid grime removal formula reduces subsequent cleaning effort
  • Removes build-up of abrasive grime particles
  • Creates a streak free crystal clean finish
  • Rapidly Biodegradable  Safe for the environment and the user
  • Easy and fast to use with the product distributor.

Product Distributor $24.95

Directions for use

  1. Move the Motocross Bike into a shaded area
  2. Hose the Bike thoroughly including underneath
  3. Spray “Road Bike” onto the surfaces using the distributor.
  4. Ensure an even coverage is achieved.
  5.  Use a sponge in a circular motion.
  6. Rinse well and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Hints and Tips

Always wash the motorbike in the shade with a cool motor

Take care not to allow moisture into the intake

Where time permits allow “Road Bike” to dry on the surface (shade only) rinse off after 15 minutes.

Enjoy the peace of mind of using a product designed to keep your Bike looking like new.


Show Bike” Extreme Waterless Motorbike Wash  $39.95

  • Highly concentrated premium blend cleaner
  • Safely removes contaminants leaving the Bike spotless with a showroom shine
  • Professional formula lifts the dirt away from the surfaces to produce a conditioned glossy finish
  • Next generation cleaner unlike any other previous waterless cleaners
  • Wipe on and wipe off for an instant “Show Bike” finish

Directions for use

  1. Shake bottle well
  2. Use on a cool Motorbike in the shade
  3. Work from the top one section at a time
  4. Wipe “Show Bike” onto surfaces and wipe off using a microfibre cloth

Hints and Tips

Can be used anywhere without a bucket or hose

Perfect for a quick tidy up before heading out on a ride

Enjoy the peace of mind of using a product designed to keep your Motorbike looking like new.

Total Value $89.85 FOR ONLY $79.95

  • 2 u
  • JSBP
  • Motorbike.XXX – Dirt Bike